2018 NFL Draft: Devron Davis

2018 NFL Mock Draft

Devron Davis
Cornerback #1
6’0″, 205

Devron Davis is an aggressive corner who possesses the confidence to play bump and run coverage consistently.

  • Played at the line of scrimmage consistently
  • Effective off of the blitz and in run support
  • Struggles to get off of blocks at times
  • Better in man coverage than zone

Devron Davis has already gained some momentum and gained some recognition in his NFL Draft process. After getting several large school offers, he went the JUCO route. He ultimately spent his final years of eligibility at UTSA where he was often tasked with defending the best opposing receiver.

After his time at Merced junior college, he received offers from over 40 colleges and signed with Colorado State. His mother had an undisclosed illness was let out of his national letter of intent. After an uncle came to care for his mother he felt comfortable and began looking at schools and chose to play at UTSA because of the relationship he formed with head coach Frank Wilson, who recruited Devron while he was at LSU.

Davis showed the ability to high point the football while playing on the outside. He did not always get his head around when the ball was in the air but when he did, he was able to make plays on the football.

He played aggressively from the outside cornerback position. Some of that appeared due to UTSA’s scheme while being placed on the line of scrimmage at the snap of the football. He showed the ability to turn his hips and run with receivers. At times, he would lunge to his man to create contact and would sometimes place him out of position.

With his size and frame, Davis shows the skillset to make a roster as a potential depth corner to play in some nickel or dime packages. Davis spent some time playing in the middle of the field in the slot as well as some safety.

NFL Draft Value: 6th round

Davis should get a shot at the next level as a natural talent. His confidence will bring competitiveness that NFL teams will want in training camps.

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