2018 NFL Draft: Kevin Toliver

Kevin Toliver
Cornerback #2
Junior 6’3” 204

Kevin Toliver will naturally be compared to past LSU defensive backs as they’ve been on a run when putting talented defensive backs in the NFL. Tolliver is not as NFL ready as many of his LSU counterparts in the previous years.

• Teams will like his size
• He lined up on both sides of the field. Saw time at slot.
• Lost in one-on-one matchups.
• Physical in bump and run coverage.
• Struggles to get off blocks
• Shows the ability to flip his hips
• Naturally athletic

Tolliver finds himself out of position often. His footwork is not ideal as he takes a lot of wasted movements. He often gets beat on the outside and does not possesses elite closing speed on the ball to limit opposing quarterback’s passing windows.

He loses the ball often and gives up receptions as well as taking himself out of position. Above, we see his back to the quarterback and has no way to track the ball. It is not ability with Toliver. He just needs to be coached and taught on how to put himself in positions to succeed.

Toliver was not great in man-on-man coverage. While he showed signs of what he is able to do in coverage, he was better when asked to run zone schemes.

Something positive that stands out when watching Tolliver is his natural ability. Despite all of the bad notes I’ve added about Tolliver, he still will have solid value in the NFL Draft. With proper coaching, Toliver should be able to be developed into a potential starting defensive back at the next level.

Round value: 3rd

Once again, Toliver is not a polished corner but his natural ability paired with his size will be attractive to NFL teams.

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