2018 NFL Draft: Mason Rudolph Scouting Report

NFL Draft-2018 NFL Mock Draft

Oklahoma State
QB #2
Sr  6’5”  230 lbs

Mason Rudolph has been with Oklahoma State for all four years of college and has been the cowboys sheriff ever since his sophomore year. Under the sole leadership of Rudolph, Oklahoma State has never seen a year of more than three losses.

When watching Rudolph, the main thing you will notice is his deep ball. It is the biggest weapon in his arsenal. The deep ball is a main stay in his offense and he executes to near perfection. It is truly a beautiful sight to see him launch a bomb down the field, and to see the ball fall into his receivers hands exactly where it should be placed. While he does have moments of greatness on his accuracy, it isn’t always consistent.

Observing Rudolph drop back in the pocket, I notice on almost every play he gets the ball out very quickly. He steps back, and it seems that he will release downfield before his feet are firmly planted, causing an inconsistency of accuracy. If he can learn to even wait just one second longer to get solid footing before he lets it go, his accuracy will increase.

Even with this slight issue, his inaccurate moments have rarely turned into interceptions. Through four years of college, and three as a starter, Rudolph has never thrown more than nine interceptions in a season. This is credited to his ability to make quick, smart decisions. He can get through his reads quickly. And times where he can’t get rid of the ball quickly, he does not panic when the line around him collapses. He will stand tall and deliver. Of course this does end with him on the ground from time to time due to the fact that he is not much of a scrambler, or runner at all. He is the typical stand in the pocket quarterback and there is nothing wrong with that.

I believe Mason Rudolph is a late first, early second round pick who could definitely start at some point in his rookie season. Picturing Rudolph in the NFL, I think his perfect fit would be on the Steelers or the New York Giants. Which will both be losing veteran passers in the near future.

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