2018 NFL Draft Preview: Josh Allen

Quarterback #17
RS Sophomore 6’5″ 230

Wyoming’s Josh Allen will be competing for the top spot among the quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft the season. 

At this very moment, Josh Allen is considered to be a top prospect heading into the 2017 season. Some even have him projected to go number one overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. Allen considered leaving college after just one year at Wyoming but decided to return for another year. He spent a year at a junior college before arriving at Wyoming. The quarterback class for 2018 is shaping up to be an impressive one and depending on how Allen plays in his second year in the Mountain West Conference, he could be the first name called on draft night.

Allen has the ideal size for a NFL quarterback and he has the arm strength to go along with it. He seems to make all of the throws and shows great poise in the pocket. His toughness might be his most sought after quality though. His desire for the game fuels him to compete at a high level when the pressure is on. He has an edge to him and that indescribable “X” factor that so many of the greats have possessed.

Much like Mitchell Trubisky of last year, Allen does not have a ton of tape out there for scouts to see. It was a good decision for him to go back to school for scouts and general managers to feel confident he has the tools to succeed at the next level. As long as he doesn’t regress or suffer an injury he should cement his spot as a top five draft selection heading into the offseason.

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