2018 NFL Draft Preview: Mitch Hyatt

2018 NFL Mock Draft

Offensive Tackle #75
Junior, 6’5″ 295

The junior left tackle has been a staple along the Tigers’ line, a starter since he was a true freshman. But where exactly does Mitch Hyatt fall along the talent spectrum?

The Georgia native was as heralded as they come upon leaving North Gwinnett, garnering first team All-American status (Parade and USA Today) and earning a consensus top three raking among the nation’s top prep tackles. Hyatt started all 15 games as a third team All-ACC selection in 2015 before earning first team honors this past season in 14 starts.

Hyatt’s experience is going to be a major strength come draft season having faced the likes of Oklahoma, Auburn and Alabama in addition to the talented pass rushers in the ACC. He’s nuanced in his ability to initiate contact with his hands inside of the defender’s breast plate, igniting his latch-on strength that propels complete extension with an understanding of how to utilize such length to manufacture wider paths to the quarterback. His recognition and mental processing skills to identify and adjust to twists and stunts are also top-notch.

For as talented as he is, Hyatt has struggled in the same vital aspects for two seasons. He’s an occasional waist-bender who compromises his pad level when he’s forced to adjust and is his hands are often set too low in his kickslide which creates a late, off-target punch. Regarding such punch, Hyatt will engage before he’s established a workable base which further leads to the narrowing of such base once he’s engaged. Hyatt’s movement patterns don’t operate with the optimal efficiency to eliminate the inconsistencies both in the run and the pass.

Hyatt’s strengths are at the level to suggest he’ll be a fine pro, but he still struggles in the areas most translatable to the next level. Regardless, his third season should provide the next step in his development and solidify the first round potential he’s flashed while he has the athleticism and positives to currently be a top 50 pick.

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