2018 NFL Draft Preview: Ronnie Harrison

2018 NFL Mock Draft

6-3, 216 Junior

Ronnie Harrison will lead the Alabama defense this season and will look to climb up NFL Draft boards.

The Alabama safety takes advantage of opponent’s miscues better than arguably anyone in the country. Ronnie Harrison moves well in space and is aggressive when attacking the ball while in the air or attacking the ball carrier on the ground. Leading with his body instead of wrapping up while tackling his opponents showcases his aggression. His play on the ball is heightened against inferior competition. He does a good job limiting his man in coverage in regards to limiting the window needed to give up a completion.

Most of his interceptions come from poor execution from the opposing offenses. Ranging from poor throws from quarterbacks to sloppy routes ran by pass catchers, Harrison has been spectacular at taking advantage of his foes’ flaws.

He’s good at tackling in space and using the sideline to help corner ball carriers. The safety has hard-hitting ability and has the knack to wrap up running backs but will often lead with his pads or his helmet.

Harrison has the style, the swag, and the ability to be a solid safety at the next level. Some will see his tenure at Alabama as a mark against him while others will see his pedigree as more of a reason to draft him.

Harrison’s upside is an elite free safety while his floor could be another Alabama product that could not work out. He has great range and floats in the defensive backfield and is able to accelerate and make a play on the football and demonstrates some of the hardest hitting power of anyone in the country.

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