2018 NFL Draft Prospect Preview: Connor Williams

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Connor Williams might be the best tackle to come out of college in the last few years.

Connor Williams, from the University of Texas, is 6’5″ and around 290 pounds, but he looks more like a defensive lineman than offensive lineman. Williams is incredibly lean for someone who weighs 290 pounds. Ideally tackles weigh at least 300 pounds, but Williams could easily add 10 pounds to his frame.

Not only is Williams built to play the position, but he also has the technique to match. Williams has the mindset of an offensive lineman, which translates directly to mean that Williams has the punch to really stand up defenders, and the length to keep them off his frame.

Run Blocking

Williams excels in the run game. He has strong hands that stops defenders. Williams gets his head across defenders, making it harder for them to shed his blocks. When Williams is down blocking defensive linemen, he consistently buries them. Williams’ feet never die, which helps him drive defenders off the ball.

Williams does an excellent job of finding his second target when dealing with combo blocks. Williams has the core strength to put defenders where he wants them, and to root them out of running lanes. One thing Williams could improve is his aggressiveness in space. He occasionally gets out of control in the open field, making it easier for defenders to go around him.

Pass Protection

Williams has the length to keep pass rushes off his body, which is a huge tool in a tackles arsenal. He also has a good base, which keeps him in position. Williams rarely has to go into recovery mode, that’s due to his feet keeping him in position.

I’d like to see Williams show the ability to recover against a top-tier pass rusher, but in college that probably won’t happen. Williams is so physically dominant at Texas that we will probably have wait for him to be really challenged week in and week out.

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