2018 NFL Draft Preview: Josh Rosen

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Quarterback #3
Junior, 6’4″ 220

After missing the majority of 2016 with a shoulder injury, the Bruins’ eccentric quarterback looks to return to form…

Josh Rosen took the college football world by storm when the heralded five-star recruit completed 80 percent of his passes for 351 yards and three touchdowns against Virginia in his first, true freshman start. He never looked back, compiling an impressive 2015 stat line, but the aforementioned shoulder injury sidelined him for the final six games of the 2016 campaign and required surgery. How he responds will be a major story-line entering the 2017 season.

During the duration of the season and the all-star circuit you will see Rosen lauded for the effortlessness of his mechanics and how smoothly the ball comes out-and it’s easy to see why. He’s a smart, natural thrower who consistently displays an understanding of timing, leverage and break points* that kept him ahead of the defense and found the soft spots to attack. What’s more, Rosen’s process is built on repetition and a certain level of consistency that prevents him from deviating from what makes him successful. He’s well-built with a frame that has withstood a pounding the last two seasons and has a baseline level of mobility to travel the pocket well and extend plays outside of such.

Aside from the questions regarding his shoulder, Rosen will have to prove that his recklessness is behind him. While he operates with the desired level of confidence and understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, Rosen will occasionally land himself in a predicament with some of his decision making. It wasn’t uncommon to take chances in addition to multiple instances of carelessness and questionable throws during his first two seasons.

Having watched a healthy amount of eligible quarterbacks, it’s easy to see why Rosen could end up being this class’ top quarterback. UCLA’s of expectations may lead to another disappointing season that will feature Rosen as the main attraction which will further increase the possibility of him having to be the main source of offense. Regardless, expect Rosen to have a quality season and declare for the Draft.

*I’m a dummy and wrote “man” in the tweet when I should’ve written zone.

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