2018 NFL Draft Preview: Orlando Brown

Offensive Tackle #78
rJunior, 6’8” 360

Orlando Brown is a big-bodied lineman who should have his NFL Draft stock rise during the college football season.

Orlando Brown is absolutely massive at 6’8, but he also has 360 pounds on his huge frame. The problem with Brown is his weight, Most like tackles around 315 pounds, but at 360 pounds Brown has slow feet. Brown should play around 320-330 pounds, and that would greatly improve his footwork’s speed.

The massive lineman surprised some when he announced that he would return to Oklahoma last season.

Brown mirrors very well, especially considering he is playing overweight. He would be greatly improved at 325 pounds. Brown is asked to pull at Oklahoma but he doesn’t look overly athletic on the move. In the NFL, he probably won’t be asked to move across formations, which is good considering the NFL moves at a much higher speed.

Orlando Brown has no trouble keeping defenders off his frame. The problem will be his pad level, at 6’8” defenders will have no issue getting under his pads. Brown will have to be very conscious of that fact, and always be sure to keep his pads low, otherwise he will be spending all his time on his back in the NFL.

Bottom line is that Brown needs to lose around 30 pounds before he gets to the NFL, to be able to handle speed rushers. He also needs to be able to continue to handle power without the extra weight to anchor him.

Round Projection: Round 2-4

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