2018 NFL Draft Prospect Preview: Quenton Nelson

NFL Mock Draft

Notre Dame
Guard #56
Senior, 6’5” 330

Quenton Nelson is a strong bodied interior lineman who could be one of the top at his position in the 2018 NFL Draft.

When Quenton Nelson decided to forgo the draft to return to Notre Dame for his senior season he all but locked in his status as one of this year’s offensive linemen.

At 330 pounds Nelson is a mountain of a man, and there is just about no one in college football that can move him off his spot. However, unlike many 320+ pound linemen, Nelson doesn’t look labored when he moves. Nelson moves much smoother and quicker than I first expected when I turned on the tape.  His footwork is not perfect, but combined with his size, he is able to move opposing defenders regardless of their size and caliber.

Nelson is also mean and ragged player in the trenches.  He looks like he loves to punish defenders. Nelson consistently buries defenders if they try to leap into passing lanes. He also can be found finishing blocks onto the ground frequently. Nelson doesn’t hesitate to drive defenders over or onto a pile as the whistle blows.

One thing I would like to see Nelson improve on during the coming season is his tendency to lock in on defenders and not assignment in pass protection. Nelson also has a slight tendency to bend at the waist in late game situations, more than likely due to exhaustion, so he will need to try to get in slightly better shape to deal with pass rush rotations.

Round Projection: Round 1-2

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