2018 NFL Draft: Scouting Quenton Meeks

Cornerback #24
Junior, 6’1″ 204 pounds


  • Quintessential combination of size and build for the perimeter, with room for growth in the latter
  • Will stab and ride in press, keeping his assignment along the sideline
  • Quick to cap separation create throughout the rep with his ability to stay in the hip-pocket when turning-and-running
  • Plays low to the ground with balance and coordination to allow for swift drives on the ball and ability to remain in-phase down the field
  • Initial punch runs accurately and on-time in press, forcing receivers to choose a lateral path off the line
  • Anticipates break points at a high level that allows him to stay ahead of the reps at a constant rate
  • Instincts at all levels force quarterbacks to be precise with placement
  • Hyper-aware of zone responsibilities and what’s occurring in space, putting him at the catch point in an instant
  • Efficient, purposeful footwork and movement skills are when challenging the initial stages of the stem forces receivers to win in different ways



  • Suspect long-speed dissipates when forced to continue vertically
  • Would like to see him rely on his length to funnel receivers back inside when splitting their body
  • Desire and willingness as a tackler doesn’t operate a desired rate of consistency
  • Won’t to commit to the stem before it has completely developed, leaving him to susceptible to double moves
  • Underdeveloped ability to locate the ball and track its path throughout has provided opponents with big gains down the field
  • Noticeable habit of false steps when driving from off-man allows receivers to manufacture yards after the catch that weren’t necessary

Pro comp: Jalen Collins

Draft projection: Early 2nd round

The Stanford product is a name to remember entering draft season, and one that very well hear his name called on the first day of the selection process. Meeks is long, tall and athletic with the blend of technique and intelligence to succeed at the next level. His talents when isolated and skill-set that fits both man and zone schemes suggest he can crack a starting lineup sometime during his rookie season.

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