2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: James Washington

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James Washington
Oklahoma State
Wide Receiver #28
6’1”, 205 Senior

James Washington is a physical receiver that moves well in the open field and can provide a spark to an offense whenever he gets the ball.

Washington has a different type body than most receivers in the NFL. He lacks a towering stature but makes up for it with his ability to high point the football when it is in the air. His ability provides a wide catch radius for his quarterback in the passing game.

James Washington before he catches the football

On the vast majority of his plays the past two years at Oklahoma State, he lined up as the far-right receiver, the Z, in the Cowboys’ formations. Many top receivers in college football, their offensive scheme moves their key playmaker around the formation to force different matchups. Washington was not used that way. He lined up in the same spot and was able to consistently win one-on-one matchups.

When the ball is thrown, he’s able to reach for the football and help out his quarterback. He consistently came up with the ball when he was covered and was able to make difficult catches. In the Oklahoma State offense, Washington ran several outs, out-and-go’s, and in routes where he drifted across the field. He was able to create his own space away from defenders in seemingly every game.

James Washington with the ball in his hands

Washington added several yards to the Cowboy passing attack after the catch. His running style looks more like a running back once he gains possession where he’s a violent runner. His jersey number, 28, makes him look even more like a running back in the open field.

Round Value: First

Washington is a game changer and will make an offense better once he joins their team.

NFL Comparison: Keenan Allen when he does not have the ball. Golden Tate when he does have the ball.

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