2018 NFL Draft: Scouting Ronnie Harrison

nfl draft

Safety #15
Junior, 6’2,” 214 pounds


  • Generates forceful turnover with a smooth gait to disrupt developing routes across the field
  • There isn’t an ounce of hesitation once he anticipates run direction, yet does a good job maintaining patience and positioning as a force defender
  • Possesses an outstanding blend of instincts and recognition skills to stay ahead of developing routes and arrive with the ball at the catch point
  • Plays without a lick of hesitation as a tone-setter who won’t hesitate to make ball carriers feel him
  • Constantly probing quarterbacks’ eyes with the anticipatory flashes to continue his development as an improvising play-maker
  • Has fluid movement of a basketball player in space with loose hips for sudden stop-start coverage ability in tight areas
  • Functionally strong and powerful to stop ball carriers dead in their tracks once he’s engaged
  • Tallies pass breakups with controlled aggression and well-timed hand tactics at the catch point
  • Quarterbacks have to be weary of allowing throws to hang as he will attack any throw that’s in his extended area code
  • Offers experience on the kickoff unit



  • Desire to demolish ball carriers has a a tendency to run too hot entering tackle attempts, ultimately surrendering his positioning
  • Lacking the deliberate strike-and-extend engagements when dealing with blockers at the LOS
  • While his run pursuit is impressive, his ability to quickly anticipate such run direction runs hot and cold
  • Played through a straw more often than desired when working through his pattern-match responsibilities
  • Would like to see increased efficiency when toggling between patient and urgent trips to the ball
  • Hard-charging play-style has manifested into uncontrollable, to taller-than-desired tackle attempts

Pro comp: Keanu Neal

Draft projection: Top 40

The Crimson Tide’s elite defensive backfield could feature two options in the first round, and Harrison provides a compelling argument as the class’ top safety. With the increase in Robber looks that asks safeties to play in the box and the fact that zone looks are played behind more single-high coverage, Harrison is ready-made for the NFL. Combining his athleticism, aggressive mindset and ability to drive on throws across the field further suggests a smooth fit in Man-free looks that asks their corners to play aggressively underneath with protection over the top, creating scheme versatility similar to Neal’s and a scenario when Harrison’s on the field sooner rather than later.


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