2018 NFL Scouting Report: Baker Mayfield

QB #6
Sr  6’1”  220 lbs

Baker Mayfield showed all of the nation that he was a special player for the Oklahoma Sooners. He is a good passer, a good runner and has all the confidence in the world. And that confidence shows up in his gameplay. Throwing bullets in to tight windows, his scrambling ability to keep a play alive. When watching his tape, there will be times where you just say “Man this guy is good.”


Watching Mayfield play, the main thing I notice is not his ability to run and extend a play. I see how accurate he is. Whether he is standing tall in the pocket or running to the side, the majority of the time he delivered a near perfect ball to his receiver. Looking at his numbers, yes he does throw less often than some other Quarterbacks do, but since he has been in Oklahoma, his completion percentage goes 68.1%, 70.9% and 70.5%. Even with less attempts, those percentages amaze me.

Mayfield is also a patient passer with an amazing feel for the pocket. At times I saw the receiver he was looking at was not open,but  instead of moving on he waited for him to get open and delivered. He never seems over antsy to take off and run, and when he does scramble around, he keeps his eyes down the field. When he decides to take it and run for yards himself, he has very good feet. Dancing around tackles and tip toeing on the sideline. If he sees the first down marker, he is not afraid to take a hit and will continue to move. Watching him you just love the effort he puts out on the field on every down.


When it comes to pure passing, if Mayfield does have a weakness, it is his deep ball. Now this isn’t saying he doesn’t have a strong arm, because he does. But when watching the Oklahoma offense, the deep ball the requires tons of air under it never seemed to be a consistent aspect of their game. They instead had Mayfield throw 10 to 15 yard passes and have the typical march down the field. The few times I did see a deep shot from Mayfield, they were not the prettiest. He did have real good shot downfield against Texas, but other than that it seemed they would usually drift too far away from the target.

Baker Mayfield also may have a slight case of tunnel vision. As I said earlier, he tends to wait for a receiver to get open. And that is a good thing at face value. Don’t give up on a receiver after a split second look, but at time he would watch the same receiver or same side of the field for way too long and miss another target elsewhere or the pocket would collapse making him have to run for his life. At times he would even scramble too long. There comes a time to just throw the ball away and fight another down


No Quarterback coming out of college is perfect. Mayfield has his flaws, but they don’t appear as huge tragedies in his game. You get a lot more good out of Mayfield than you get bad. In my opinion, Baker Mayfield is the best QB coming out this year. I have an early to mid-first round value on him. It is said a lot, but he does play a similar style to Russell Wilson. And if he can fix some slight maturity issues, he can be a special franchise Quarterback.

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