2018 NFL Scouting Report: Frank Ragnow

Frank Ragnow
Center #72
Sr. 6’5″ 320

Frank Ragnow is one of the best centers in college football, but where will the NFL value him in the 2018 NFL Draft is a totally different conversation.

Frank Ragnow was a 2017 All-SEC player per PFF, the media, and the coaches. Ragnow played 33 consecutive games before he was sidelined with a high ankle sprain. That was the only injury Ragnow sustained during his four-year career at Arkansas. Ragnow also didn’t allow a sack in 41 games as a Razorback. While the Razorback’s didn’t have the most pass-oriented offense, not allowing a sack for 41 games is very impressive.

Run Game

When tasked with run blocking Ragnow excels at keeping his feet moving. High effort blocking is the name of Ragnow’s game, but he surprises with technicality. Ragnow does a good job of getting his head across his man, which prevents defenders from sliding off his block. Ragnow also transitions from block to block with ease, he keeps a good base and stays under control at the second level. When he is on the move Ragnow moves well enough to get out on the edge of a defense. Centers in the NFL don’t  pull very often, but Ragnow has the height to play any of the interior line positions.

There are a few things Ragnow needs to improve on, starting with his pad level. Ragnow is 6’5″, which is very tall for an NFL center. On occasion, Ragnow’s pad level gets a little high which can cause him to lose his power as a blocker. Ragnow could also stand to stay more under control when he is in space. Ragnow doesn’t always make great contact with his defender in space, but he is much better in confined spaces.

Pass Protection

Centers have the easiest job in pass pro, after the snap anyways. Frequently there isn’t a ton of space for defenders to go around centers, so they have to go through them. However, that isn’t really an option with Ragnow. He has an excellent anchor, he drops his weight and hips with ease. When Ragnow sets his anchor there is almost no pushing him off his spot. Ragnow didn’t allow a sack in 41 games, or roughly 1,200 pass protection snaps.

Pro Comp: Travis Fredrick

Round: 2nd-3rd

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