2018 Scouting Report: Billy Price

Ohio State

Guard #54

Sr  6-4 312

Ohio State has become known for its defensive backs, but Billy Price might be the safest prospect on the team.

Billy Price has played all over the line at Ohio State, and he has played well everywhere. Price followed the path set by Pat Elfein, Price moved from guard to center his senior year. However, at 6’4″ Price has the size to play anywhere along the interior of the line. Price isn’t the flashiest guard prospect in the NFL, but he is very well coached and technically sound.


Price does an excellent job in double-team blocks. He stays hip to hip with the lineman next to him, which prevents a defensive lineman from splitting them. Once Price has secured the double team block he does a good job of sustaining the block. Price does a good job of transitioning from the defensive lineman to linebackers when he needs too. One reason that Price does such an excellent job of sustaining blocks is his hands. Price has such strong hands that once he is latched onto a defender they are dead in the water.

Price does a good job of keeping his feet firing once he is on a block, which allows him to generate drive on his blocks. If an offensive lineman’s feet die they are also more likely to fall off of blocks, just do to defenders moving away from the lineman. He also does a good job of keeping his pad level down, which allows him to generate leverage. Price isn’t an overly tall offensive lineman but at 6’4″ he could lose the leverage battle if he doesn’t continue to focus on pad level.

Price doesn’t have a ton of 1-on-1 responsibility in pass protection since he is a center. However, there are a few times on film where Price has shown the ability to recover from a missed punch and still get in front of the defender to make his block. Price also does a good job of finding work in pass protection. What is finding work? When an offensive lineman drops into their pass set, occasionally they don’t have a defender engage them. This leads the offensive lineman to stand there with no one to block, however, some offensive lineman help block a defender near them. A center helping to block a defender that is engaging the guard often leads to pancake blocks.


Price can occasionally lunge when trying to block short yardage situations. Price doesn’t frequently miss blocks, however when he does it appears to be when he loses his balance. When a 312-pound player’s weight gets over his toes, it very rarely leads to a good block.

While Price is a solid athlete for a center, I am not sure about his ability to play guard. Price doesn’t play in space very frequently at Ohio State. While the fact that I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean he can’t do it.  It just means that I’d like to see it on film or in a workout before I stand up and say that he’s an elite athlete for the position. Price can really sell himself to me at the combine if he shows good athleticism, on film he looks like an above average center athletically, but an average guard.

Round: 2-3

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