2018 Scouting Report: DJ Chark

DJ Chark

WR #7

Sr  6’4” 198 lbs



When watching his games at LSU, the first thing you will notice about Chark is that he has a big, tall frame. When he takes off, his speed is incredible. Every time he ran a streak, the only way he was covered is if he was being held. Other than that, it seems nobody is within a mile of him. He’s got solid hands, but you can tell he prefers to catch with his body. Which is a good thing, he doesn’t just want to be flashy with his catches, he wants to make sure he comes down with the ball.


On top of his speed, Chark has amazing awareness for defenders around him. The plays where he caught a 10 yard pass and had to work his way around usually ended in extra yardage gained. His timing on stopping, spinning and all finesse moves you want in a receiver are very well executed. His speed along with his awareness is also very  easy to observe when he is returning punts.  


On the areas of his game that need to improve, I think route running on the list. His routes are not terrible by any means, but some routes where he had to cut back and stand looking at the QB, he seemed to lose his footing now and then. Chark also needs to use his height advantage more when he is tightly covered. He just doesn’t seem to have that dominate trait that most tall wide receivers have. He may not be able to do so due to being underweight for a tall receiver.


Overall I like DJ Chark. I think he can be a very dominant WR #2. If he had the dominant ability that most tall wide receivers have, his name would be talked about more. However with his speed and awareness, he has the makings to be the spark to create a dynamic duo of wide receivers wherever he goes.


I put a late 2nd round grade on him and excited to see what he does with his opportunity.

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