2018 Scouting Report: Jeff Holland

Jeff Holland

Auburn EDGE/Pass Rusher #4

Junior, 6’2” 250




-Keeps offensive linemen at good distance from him

-Good pursuit



-Not great bend around the edge

-Gets stuck on blocks for too long at times

-Needs to learn more pass rush moves


Jeff Holland was a 4-star recruit coming out of high school. He was ranked fourth in his position and 46th overall in the ESPN 300 for the class of 2015. Holland held offers from 49 different schools and choose to attend Auburn. While at Auburn he had a pretty productive career. He finished his career with 43 tackles, 18 tackles for a loss, and 12.5 sacks. Holland played left defensive end for the Tigers and switched between a two and four-point stance.

Holland has a lot of potential to be a great pass rusher at the next level but needs to develop well. He is very powerful and uses his strength to his advantages at times. Sometimes he can bull rush an offensive lineman back into the quarterback or running back, and other times he will get tangled up in the block and be taken out of the play. When watching his film, it seems like he is always around the ball, but his stats don’t line up with that. He is always around the ball but is not making a play when there. This worries me as he finished his career with stats some pass rushers have after one good season.

He is often the third or fourth person on the line once the ball is snapped. This slow first step allows blockers to engage with him and gain leverage. He does however do a good job at keeping the linemen an arms distance away from him. Holland uses his power and length to gain an advantage over blockers. He is not as aggressive once the ball is snapped as you would like him to be. It looks like he is trying to play prevent and analyze the play to long rather than attack the ball carrier. This can be developed with a good positional coach though. Getting him more aggressive at the first contact and at the point of attack will play a huge part his development in becoming a full-time starter.

He is not as flexible of the edge as you would like. This causes him to make more of an arch when rushing the quarterback. This makes getting sacks a lot harder as it is not a straight line to the quarterback and gives the quarterback more time to get the ball out before Holland can get to him. Learning more pass rush moves will allow him to slip past blocks quicker and easier. Right now, he uses the same couple of moves and at the next level tackles will be able to recognize this and block him easier. Learning more pass moves and switching them up will allow him to more ease coming off the edge.


Rating Jeff Holland

(all out of 10)

Pass Rush: 7.5

Use of Hands: 6.8

Bend: 6.7

Run Stop: 7.6

Tackling: 7.9

Block Shedding: 6.3

Play Strength/Speed: 7.4

Body Control: 7.0

Pursuit: 8.4

1st Step: 6.8

Overall: 72.4

My Grade: 3rd round

Projected Round: Late 2nd-3rd Round


Games Watched: vs Missouri (17), vs UCF (17), vs Arkansas (17)

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