2018 Scouting Report: Orlando Brown

Offensive Tackle #78
rJr 6-7 340

There are very few people on earth as large as Orlando Brown.

Orlando Brown plays the most important position on an offensive line that many have touted as the best in the nation. Brown is the type of player that you have get off the bus first to intimidate the other team. Very few people on the face of the earth are the size of Brown, and even fewer can do what he does at that size.


As you’d expect from someone his size, Brown packs a very strong punch. When Brown makes contact with a defender they a frequently stood upright and at the very least stopped. Brown flashes the ability to toss defenders and buries defensive linemen regularly. Brown is very chippy, consistently blocking defenders through the whistle. He has no problem with steamrolling much smaller defenders if they are in his way.

In pass protection, Brown stops the bull rush with ease. Standing at 6’7″ Brown has the length to lockout anyone he goes against, and almost always will. Brown also has the benefit of weighing in at 340 pounds which allows him to drop his weight and set his anchor. I do not foresee Brown ever struggling against power moves as long as his pad level stays good.


Pad level can be a problem for any normal sized NFL tackle, however, Brown is not normal sized. Brown is 6’7″ which means that his pad level is naturally high, even when he is focusing on keeping it low. If Brown doesn’t focus on keeping it low defenders will have no problem standing him up, and driving him into the quarterback’s lap. That wasn’t something Brown had to deal with much in college, as he was bigger and stronger than everyone else. In the NFL Brown will encounter players like Brandon Graham, Michael Bennett, and Everson Griffen, who make their money using tackles’ height against them.

Another weakness of Brown’s game is his foot speed. Brown doesn’t do an excellent job of firing out of his stance into his pass set. Then, he struggles with keeping his feet moving at the necessary speed to stay in front of the defender. In order to make up for this, his feet tend to get too narrow which messes with his balance. It doesn’t matter how big he is, once he is off balance the defender has the edge.

Brown doesn’t have the movement skills to be much of a threat at the second and third levels of the defense. He struggles to pull, which he probably won’t do a ton in the NFL. However, I am unsure whether or not he will be able to get to the edges of NFL defenses on toss or stretch plays. He also struggles with reach blocks, which will prevent him front fitting in some schemes altogether.

Bottom Line

Brown lost around 20 pounds last offseason, which made a ton of difference in his game and mobility. However, I’d like to see him drop 10-15 more pounds. Brown may be a fit at right tackle in the NFL, but with players like Von Miller lining up on that side, he could struggle. Brown can shut down anyone as long as he gets into his set quickly, and keeps a solid base. If Brown can get into an NFL weight room and get into really good shape I think his weight could become more of a tool. However, right now it somewhat hinders his game.

Round Prediction: Sebastian Vollmer

Pro Comparison: 2nd-4th

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