2018 Scouting Report: Ronald “RoJo” Jones II

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Ronald “RoJo” Jones II

USC Running Back #25

Junior, 6’0” 200


-maintains good pad level

-patient, lets play develop before hitting the hole

-very elusive, able to slip defenders well



-needs to improve on pass blocking

-not a great power back because of size

-not great as a receiver, but has the potential to be


A 4-star running back coming out of high school, Ronald Jones was the number one running back in the nation and the 34th player in ESPN 300 in the class of 2015. He had offers from 28 schools and signed with USC. During his college career he accumulated 3,921 yards from scrimmage and 42 scrimmage touchdowns. Jones was a three-year starter for USC and got better every year as they let him carry the ball more.

Jones is a very talented running back. He eclipsed more than 100 plus yards in 9 out of 13 games, including one 200 plus yard game. He maintains good pad level throughout his runs and is patient enough to let the play develop. Jones trusts his vision and hits the hole fast and hard when he sees it. Jones burst once he sees the hole is unbelievable and is part of the reason he could be so successful at the next level.

He has outstanding balance when going through contact. This allows him to pick up more YAC (yards after contact). It is very hard for defenders to tackle him, because of how elusive he can be. His use of a stiff arm, spin move, and any other move he uses helps him break off tackles and gain more yards.

He is a very good back but lacks the ability to pass block. This is a skill that can be taught at the next level, but he may continue to struggle with it as he faces bigger and stronger competition. He also may need to add a few more pounds at the next level to help himself versus all the big hits he could take.

Majority of his plays were runs up the middle, and he exceled there in college. However, I believe that he would be best used on outside zone runs at the next level. This would allow him to use all his power moves and elusiveness to his advantage. He would also not take as much of a beaten than if he ran up the middle a lot, and that is needed because of his size.


Rating RoJo

(all out of 10)

Vision/Creation: 8.8

Speed: 8.7

Burst: 9.7

Blocking: 5.1

Catching: 8.3

Lateral Quickness: 8.1

Strength/Toughness: 9

Balance: 9.3

Elusiveness: 9.5

Tackle Breaking: 9.2

Overall: 85.7

My Grade: Early 2nd

Projected Round: Late 1st– Early 2nd


Games watched: vs Stanford (17), vs Ohio State (17), vs UCLA (17), vs Alabama (16)

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