2018 Scouting Report: Vita Vea

Vita Vea

Washington NT #50

Junior, 6’5” 340



-Has great power and knows how to use it to his advantage

-Able to get off blocks easily

-Can work through double teams



-Not much of a pass rusher

-Slow off the snap at times


Vita Vea was a four-star recruit coming out of high school. He was ranked 18th at his position. He had 6 offers and choose Washington. While at Washington he played nose tackle and defensive tackle. He finished his career with 65 solo tackles, 15.0 tackles for a loss, and 9.5 sacks, including 3.5 coming this past season.

Vita Vea has great power and can use it to his advantage. He uses his hands to keep separation and not get engaged from offensive linemen. He knows when to use his strength and push the linemen into the ball carrier and when to hang back and stop the ball carrier at or around the line of scrimmage. Many times, you see him toss an offensive lineman around like a little kid. He can toss them to the ground and keep his eyes forward to watch the ball carrier and make the tackle. When engaged with a lineman he is always looking at the quarterback watching his every move and knows exactly hen to get off the block to try and make a play of the ball.

He is not much of a pass rusher. Vea has some moves to get around blocks but not many to rush the passer fast and effectively at a consistent rate. He also doesn’t have the speed to get in the backfield fast enough to disrupt plays. He also can be slow off the snap at times. Sometimes he is the last player out of his stance after the ball is snapped. This allows linemen to get engaged and take Vea out of the play. He makes good use of pursuit angles to run a ball carrier down.

Vea can make one arm tackles as a runner tries to run past him, even when he is on a block. He cannot catch a runner as they pass him however. He doesn’t have the speed or ability to turn quickly and make a play on a ball carrier that is in full speed.


Rating Vita Vea

(all out of 10)

Run Stop: 9.0

Tackling: 7.9

Block Shredding: 9.2

Strength/Toughness: 9.3

Hand Use: 9.5

Pass Rush Moves: 8.3

Quickness: 7.8

Reaction off ball: 8.0

Up Field Burst: 7.9

Power: 9.6

Overall: 86.5

My Grade: Early 2nd

Projected Round: 1st round


Games Watched: vs Penn State (17), vs Stanford (17), vs Utah (17), vs Rutgers (16)

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