2018 Scouting Report: Will Hernandez

nfl draft

Texas El-Paso
Offensive Guard #76
Sr 6-3 340


  • Massive
  • Powerful
  • Mentality


  • Movement
  • Competition


Will Hernandez is absolutely massive, at 6’3″ 340 pounds, he looks like a bowling ball. Unfortunately for defensive linemen, he acts like a bowling ball. Hernandez can move defenders off the ball, almost at will. He is the type of offensive lineman that gives defenders nightmares. When Hernandez is part of a double team, he can really drive defenders completely out of the play. One reason that Hernandez is so powerful is his size, he is built much like Brandon Brooks in Philadelphia. Both are so wide that defenders struggle to go around them, and so powerful defenders cannot go through them. Hernandez also excels at run blocking because he is so mean. Hernandez has no problem with burying defenders or taking shots before the whistle blows.

Will Hernandez’s size also benefits him in the passing game. There is no way defenders are going to go through him, and he is so wide they can’t go around him. Hernandez also does a good job of staying square which allows him to absorb any power defenders try to use against him. Additionally, when Hernandez is square, he takes up more space. He is almost as wide as the gap he blocks. He also looks for work in his pass set, routinely burying defenders that are occupied.


Hernandez is so massive I have questions about his ability to get out on the run. I only had the ability to watch two games from Hernandez, but there aren’t many plays where he pulled. I cannot say that Hernandez can’t pull, but I can say he didn’t do it much in the film I watched. It will be interesting to see Hernandez at the Senior Bowl because much like Alex Cappa, I want to see him against stiffer competition. Should Hernandez have a good week at the Senior Bowl, he could move into day two of the draft.

Round: 2-4

Pro Comp: Brandon Brooks

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