A New Season For Mike Weber

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Mike Weber, sophomore running back for Ohio State, scored nine touchdowns out of thirteen games played last year. 

Weber uses his incredible speed and amazing power to run past his opponents as well as trample over defenders when necessary. His touchdowns, as well as yardage, kept piling up throughout the 2016-17 NCAA College football season while being just a freshman.

Coach Urban Meyer must marvel at the extent of yards that this talented football player will gobble up this coming football season. During this current offseason, recently hired offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson has brought in new plays for the Ohio State offensive assault. The Buckeyes will focus on running the ball more as well as determining a new course of action to run the ball between the tackles. At the same time, he is adding fortitude toward the team’s offensive blueprint. Weber simply calls it grit. He hopes to apply his grit toward carrying his Buckeyes toward greater improvement over last season’s massacre in the Fiesta Bowl.

Out of his thirteen games played, eleven started, this soldier gained 1,096 yards, 84.3 yards per game average. He scored nine touchdowns out of 182 rushing attempts. His longest rushing touchdown barely hit over half the football field totaling 52 yards. He attained 64 first downs.  That’s an average of almost five per game. A system that he must improve on is the four fumbles he yielded to his opponents. One can bet that Coach Meyer has already drawn a plan for reducing this poor fault.

With four offensive linemen still playing on the roster from last year’s squad, a couple of linemen showing some terrific performances during spring practice, Weber and the Ohio State Buckeye’s offense has an opportunity to burn up some mass yardage during this upcoming college football season.  Unfortunately for Weber, there is yet to exist a standout star within the wide receiver corps. Starting quarterback JT Barrett, is a formidable athlete, but it is still questionable whether he has enough talent to carry this Buckeye team to the top of the always very competitive Big Ten Conference.

The offensive line shows strength and is leading the way for a strong and fast running back. The offense may surprise some people who may have already counted the Buckeyes out due to all the players they lost to the draft. Ohio State will come back and with grit and will be led by future pro running back in Weber. Personally, I can not wait for the show.

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