Alex Collins

Running back #3
Junior 5’1″ 215


Alex Collins is a back with SEC experience who will be one of the better backs in this class.

  • Can make people miss in the backfield
  • Runs well behind blockers
  • Patient runner
  • Elusive
  • Great subtle cutback
  • Good at pass protection
  • Needs to improve in carrying out run fakes

Arkansas used Collins in a lot of different ways but he was always effective in running the football. He was used in toss sweeps, halfback draws, and he can get effective yards between the tackles. He has experience being lined up in the shotgun and single back sets and fullback lined up behind a fullback. He is deceivingly elusive and has a great cutback that he can use anywhere on the field. He makes people miss at and behind the line of scrimmage and also in the open field. Alex Collins is deceivingly fast and has the ability to separate and get in space.  He lined up at Z (wide right) receiver some but I couldn’t find a game where he was thrown to from that position but his routes seems average and could get some improvement.  Seeing as he will probably enter the league as a two down guy, he will have time to adjust to the passing game and get better at running routes.

In his three years as a Razorback, he broke 1000 yards on the ground every season. One of those season, Alex Collins was split time with another 1000 yard back.  Had over 5 yards a carry every year when he was the featured player and he had to create his own yardage more often than not despite the size of his offensive line.

Alex Collins does a lot good and is my second ranked back in this class behind Elliot from Ohio State.

NFL Comparison: DeAngelo Williams

Round Value: Late 2/ Early 3

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