Andrew Billings

DT #75
Junior 6’2” 311

Andrew Billings’ strength and burst flash at times, but he will need to become much more consistent on a play to play basis.Billings

– Good initial burst off the ball for 300 lbs
– Downhill player
– Good initial hand placement
– Plays with very good leverage which leads to good power in a phone booth
– Can generate good push w/ bull rush
– Excellent motor early in games
– Destroys reach blocks from shade on run away

– Not great against the run – gives up gap/run lanes
– Consistently plays with narrow base – poor balance with loss of leverage laterally
– On the ground A LOT
o UNC 2015: 9
o Oklahoma 2015: 14
o Rice 2015: 7 (3 quarters)
o Kansas 2015: 3 (just over 2 quarters)
o WVU 2015: 8 (3 quarters)
o TCU 2015: 7
o Oklahoma 2014: 7
o Kansas St 2014: 7
– Over leans causing hands slapped and falls on face/leads to getting effectively cut
– Short arms? – doesn’t get great extension
– Doesn’t have football athleticism
– Below average tackler
– Struggles to accomplish anything vs double teams in run or pass (will push pocket occasionally)
– Back blocks typically wipe him out of the play – burst + poor balance = out of control
– Struggles to disengage
– No pass rush moves or counters

– Flashes but doesn’t consistently impact plays
– Power DT that wins by overwhelming lesser centers with strength on bull rush/push-pull and can push the pocket in 1-on-1 situations when QB holds the ball
– Bow legged
– On the ground more often than anyone that comes to mind
– Large portion of stat production comes on line slants leaving him unblocked
– Struggle with quick set? – doesn’t gain steam
– Most snaps came from 0 or 1 tech

Billings was named the Big 12’s co-defensive player of the year (tied with Emmanuel Ogbah) this past season and ranked 5th in the conference in tackles for a loss. He is an accomplished weight lifter dating back to his high school days and will undoubtedly wow at the combine. At Baylor he had a team best 690 pound squat and 400 pound clean to go along with a rumored 32 inch vertical and 4.9 second 40 yard dash. He was able to use his strength and initial burst off the ball to overwhelm many of his opponents. His initial hand placement gets him in a good position to use leverage to generate the power he has ‘in a phone booth.’ That power helps with his strong bull rush and allows him to push the pocket. In the run game, his quickness helps him defeat reach blocks on runs away from him. He also seems to have a very good motor early in games.

While he is able to beat reach blocks, overall he doesn’t excel at stopping the run. He will over run plays, which gives up his gap and creates seams for the RB. Because he is so reliant on leverage and his bull rush, he tends to over lean which results in his hands being slapped and him falling on his face. Without seeing the measurements he looks like he might have short arms, which is supported by his incredible bench press numbers. He consistently gets stuck on double teams in both the run and pass unless the 2 blockers are on different levels. Despite his rumored numbers in the vertical, broad jump and 40, Billings is not a very good athlete when it comes to traits that transfer to football and his position. My biggest concern is his balance. He consistently plays with a very narrow base which kills his leverage mid play unless he already has the blocker on skates, and when he’s moving laterally. Back blocks will wipe him out of the play. The biggest thing that stood out to me when I watched his film was the number of times he was on the ground. I can honestly say that I’ve never notice a player who is on the ground more. This is a result of his poor balance and poor change of direction. Coaches will believe they can teach him to play with a wider base which may help his balance, but I’m not sure it’s going to be enough.

Where he wins: His best fit now would be as a situational interior pass rusher in a 4 man front which will allow him more 1-on-1s opportunities to use his strength and bull rush to push the pocket


Luis Mendoza from The Mighty Ducks

Round Value:

Games Watched: Oklahoma 2015, UNC 2015, Kansas 2015, WVU 2015, Rice 2015, TCU 2015, Oklahoma 2014, Kansas St 2014

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