Avery Young

OT #56
6’4” 328Avery Young

  • Has good size. Solid base.
  • Does a good job engaging blockers on the edge but doesn’t push them away from the pocket.
  • Could’ve left earlier but returned to the Tigers.
  • Has experience in the SEC.
  • Played primarily at tackle.
  • Plays too high.

During his freshman year, Young played two games at right tackle but his season was marked short due to injury. His sophomore year (2013), Young started nine games for the SEC Champion winning team that featured a strong running game. In 2014, Young started all 13 games on the offensive line. He played at right guard, left guard, and right tackle. He started all games but one at right tackle this last season.

When you look at a guy like Avery Young, you think of a run blocking mauler on the inside of the line. The unfortunate thing about him is that he is not that… but I think he could be. I see Avery Young as an interior lineman at the NFL level despite his recent experience at tackle. Young has crazy size and I believe he possesses a lot of strength but he has not been about to figure out how to use his body and size to generate that push against defenders at the line of scrimmage. With a wide of a base and frame that Avery Young has, he could be a solid project pick for an NFL team. With better pad level and leverage, Avery could become a starter in the NFL down the road.

If Young is asked to play tackle, his main focus will be on the quickness of his feet. His kick step and overall explosiveness isn’t great. He will sometimes get blown off the ball and will lose to top tier guys on the edge. He does a good job at engaging edge guys early on in the play with his hands. His hand placement is a strong plus for him but when he punches or pushes defenders they don’t seem to be affected too much. Again, when Young figures out how to use his strength, he could become a quality starter at tackle or guard. I’d also like to see Avery Young move more to see what he can do for pull blocks.

Avery’s older brother, Willie Jr., and cousin, Thomas Davis, are currently in the NFL.

Round Value: 6th

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