Billy Price: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Preview

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In an offense chock full of NFL prospects, Billy Price might be the best of the group.

Billy Price was a 2016 All-American and First team All-Big Ten. One thing you have to love about Price is the fact he was a team captain, while at guard. Price has made 41 consecutive starts, and staying healthy is huge for offensive line prospects. Offensive linemen take a beating, so they have to be durable to be worth a draft pick.

Standing at 6’3″ and 315 pounds, Price has the size to play guard or center. Price is not chunky, instead, he is well-built and lean for someone his size. When run blocking, Price does an excellent job of generating movement. In double teams he

Billy Price NFL Draft
Billy Price via 247 sports

turns into a road grader, which is a necessity for college line prospects. Price is surprisingly smooth in space because he doesn’t try to engage too early in space. Some guard prospects try to bury defensive backs, Price knows when he needs to just make contact. Another thing you have to love about Price is his mean streak. Price can be found trying to bury defenders and getting chippy after the play. The fighters mentality is a do-or-die trait for offensive linemen in my eyes.

Technically as a run blocker Price is good. Price gets his hands on defenders chests and has strong hands to control defenders. He also does an excellent job of keeping his feet moving, so he doesn’t fall off blocks. Price also gets his feet around to cut-off defenders, so they can’t cross his face and make plays. He also keeps his eyes up during blocks, so he can transition off double teams onto linebackers.

In pass protection, Price does an excellent job of extending his arms to keep defenders off his body. Price also has the ability to drop his weight and stop rushers in their tracks. His ability to lock up interior pass rushers will be important in a pass-first NFL. One thing that concerns me is Price’s lateral agility in pass protection. Last season a few players found their way around Price, which is much easier than going through him. On an island, Price might struggle, but in tight spaces, he can hold his own.

When it is all said and done, Price might be a first-round pick. From what I have seen this year, the interior offensive line talent isn’t as strong as last year. Therefore, top guards such as Billy Price should be even more valuable this year. If he stays healthy, Price should be a high draft pick.

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