Cardale Jones

Ohio State
Quarterback #12
6’5” 253cardale-jones-810x540

  • Great size
  • Tremendous arm strength
  • Drifts in the pocket
  • Good throw on the run
  • Doesn’t step into throws
  • Slow drop steps


Cardale Jones has showed the world what he was capable of on the largest stage in college football. Jones led the Buckeyes to a national championship with three games that were performances for the ages. So much that many expected he would declare for the NFL draft a year ago. Those three performances may have gotten him drafted as a top three quarterback trailing only Winston and Mariota. After deciding to return to an Ohio State roster loaded with talent, we didn’t see the same Cardale Jones again. After getting benched against Northern Illinois, the world collectively asked, “What happened to Cardale Jones?”

Jones has ridiculous arm strength. So much that he was able to rely on it by throwing off his back foot on a lot of his throws. He has a great touch on the ball and some of the throws the guy makes are unbelievable. He’s in a system that doesn’t require a lot of three, five or seven step drops. He possesses physical ability that a lot of teams will like.

Bottom line: I’m not very high on Jones. I think he was able to overcome bad tendencies at the college level by supreme natural ability and an extremely gifted Ohio State roster. Jones drifts in the pocket and will sprint out of the pocket when there’s really no reason to because there won’t be any defenders near him. I don’t like his throwing motion. I do like his deep ball accuracy and touch, but I don’t think enough to overcome the negatives. If he can find a way to polish his game and mechanics, he has huge upside.

Round Value: 5. His upside may cause him to get drafted anywhere up to the third round .

NFL Comparison: He reminds me of Big Ben. He plays big and likes to throw the deep ball. The physical comparisons speak for themselves. Both of these guys are deceivingly fast and mobile in the pocket. They also were big question marks coming out of college.

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