2018 NFL Draft: Carlton Davis

Carlton Davis has had a tremendous season playing as Auburn’s top cornerback this season. His play may be deserving of a first round pick in the NFL Draft this spring. 

Davis was used in many different ways in his role in Kevin Steele’s dominant defense. He was great at bump-and run-coverage when asked to press his opposition off of the line of scrimmage. His physicality consistently knocked receiver off of their routes and affected the timing of the quarterback trying to find his target that was covered by Davis.

Against Texas A&M, Davis showed that ability to limit his man off of the line of scrimmage.

His ability to press off of the line will be extremely valuable as a future young NFL player. Many young corners are asked to play as a nickel back in their early years. Davis’ ability to play man coverage underneath will make him as a more attractive draft pick.

Davis also was used by lining up off of the ball. Even when he gave his receiver space at the start of the play, he constantly limited opposing offenses throughout the season.

The Auburn cornerback also had a knack for playing the ball while it was in the air. Though there were times he struggled to turn his head around to play the ball, he was just as consistent as most of the top corners in college football.

Davis has the ability and physical makeup to outmatch most of his competition but there were several times throughout the season where he just got beat.

Though he may have had a concussion during this play he still lost a step on his assignment. He did not play in the second half in the SEC Championship game after a tough first half. Despite some inconstancies, NFL Draft evaluators and finding Davis to have the value to be selected by a team early in the 2018 NFL Draft.

He also made plays outside of coverage this season. He helped Auburn in the running game as well. He once again brought a level of physicality to the Auburn defense.

Looking at Davis’ tape, he plays similarly to Vontae Davis, the top cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts. His ability to do several different things from the corner back position will make him extremely valuable and a potential future top cornerback for an NFL team during his career.

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