Carson Wentz

North Dakota State
QB #11
Senior 6’5″ 241

Written by TJ Randall

carson-wentzCarson Wentz possess serious size and arm strength with the ability make throws to any part of the field.

  • Despite playing in only six games, Wentz’s accuracy and touch were on display
  • Ability to throw to a spot
  • Very sound mechanically as he possess strong hips and core that allow him to throw the ball with such power and velocity
  • Doesn’t over stride, finishes over the top, and has an over-the-top release that allows very few passes to be batted down by defensive linemen
  • Ball explodes out of his hand
  • Stands tall in the pocket with slight bend in knees
  • Poise and presence in the pocket; senses pressure well and shows ease when moving around within the pocket
  • Ability to extend plays and retain good mechanics when throwing on the run
  • Excellent decision making; very rarely takes sacks
  • Unique combination of speed, athleticism, and strength for his size
  • Sells fakes well
  • Often stands flat footed in the pocket, disallowing him to engage lower half and be ready to hit an open receiver at a given moment
  • Drops look lackadaisical; doesn’t set up very quickly
  • I would like to see him look off defenders more often

Wentz is a first round pick and ultimately could end up in the top 10 with a strong Senior Bowl performance. With the tendency of quarterbacks to fall in the draft (see: Brady Quinn, Geno Smith, Aaron Rodgers), teams should be in a position to take Wentz no matter what pick they are.


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