Cole Toner

Offensive Tackle #78
Senior 6’5 306

Photo courtesy of Gil Talbot
Photo courtesy of Gil Talbot
  • 4 year starter.
  • First team All Ivy league 2014-2015.
  • Smart player and understands his assignments and the defensive scheme.
  • Below average footwork.
  • Good hands and doesn’t over commit.
  • Average strength and struggles with bull rushers.
  • Short arms are a concern. 33 1/8th inches
  • Aggressive demeanor
  • Needs to keep his pad level lower as he pops up in his stance.
  • Good at getting to 2nd level and sustaining blocks.

Toner is a rather difficult prospect to evaluate. If a team thinks they can develop him into a starting quality RT then he may be worth an earlier round pick, unfortunately i don’t see him becoming a starter at RT due to his sloppy footwork and short arms. However if a team wants to draft him and move him inside to OG then he may become much more valuable, the main aspect Toner would have to work on if he moved inside to OG would be his strength. Toner played at the Senior Bowl and showed he can compete with better competition but the next jump is a big one and teams are concerned with his transition from Ivy league to the NFL. All in all Toner is a project and would need a few years to develop, i can see him sitting on a teams practice squad for a couple of years and then competing for a roster spot in year 3.


NFL Comparison

Wesley Johnson (Steelers/Jets)

Round Value

5th Round

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