Connor Cook

Michigan State
QB #18
6’4 220


Connor possesses great size and learned how to win a lot of games with in a pro style offense.

  • Good body size
  • Good arm strength. His senior year, arm strength dropped due to a shoulder injury.Consistently won since he arrived at Michigan State.
  • Good at scanning the field.
  • Experience in a pro style offense.
  • Could have been a potential top 20 pick in 2015 but chose to stay and led the Spartans to a playoff appearance.
  • Sometimes Cook just wants to abandon his fundamentals and try to squeeze some passes into coverage.
  • He also sometimes ignores double coverage.
  • Harder to sack than it may look.
  • He refuses to throw the ball away.
  • Not good outside of the pocket.

Connor Cook is a guy that I’ve enjoyed watching through his career at Michigan State.  In his first year as starter, he led Michigan State to a Rose Bowl Championship.  The following year, Michigan State only lost twice and beat Baylor in the Cotton Bowl.  In 2015, as we all know, Cook and the Spartans lost in the College Football playoff to the closest thing to an NFL Defense that the college ranks has to offer, Alabama.

Connor Cook has good feet.  He has a good throwing motion.  He has good size.  But the most attractive thing about Cook as a prospect was his wins and his potential “it” factor.  But looking at Michigan State this past season, they were good because of their defense.  Sure, the shoulder injury. But Cook had the chance to make a statement against an elite Alabama defense and he couldn’t score.  I think that’s a tad concerning.

I think Cook could go into some NFL systems and succeed.  His accuracy in the short passing game is very strong.  He also possesses the ability to lead an offense on and off the field but I don’t think he has the ability to go into a franchise and completely turn it around by putting it on his shoulders.


NFL Comparison: Alex Smith

Round Value: 3rd

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