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Into The Limelight- Scouting of 2017 Rookies

Starting the Tuesday after week one of the regular season of NFL football, I will be writing a weekly article, Into the Limelight. The article will be focused on NFL rookies, who we released a scouting report on last year. The focus will be on how they are performing in NFL games. I think that it is important that readers understand how traits translate from college tape to NFL games.

While I will be the one watching NFL games to watch these players film, I don’t have time to watch every NFL rookie. That is where the readers come in, I would like our audience to let me know which rookies you are interested in seeing. I would like to avoid players like Myles Garrett or any of the quarterbacks, just because they will get plenty of attention. A list of players that I think would be good subjects of the article include:

  1. Pat Elfien
  2. Dan Feeney
  3. Dalvin Tomlinson
  4. Zach Cunningham
  5. Obi Melifonwu
  6. Quincy Wilson
  7. Zay Jones
  8. Marlon Mack

Any other rookies that you would be interested in seeing weekly looks at, just let me know. I want this to be something that fans want to see, and about players fans want to see. I know rookies out side of Quarterbacks, Myles Garrett and other big names may not get the national attentions fans want to see.

If you have any rookies I didn’t list here you can comment, email me at , or hit me up on twitter at @DrProfessorHorn

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