Damond Lampkin

Glenville State College
Wide Receiver #15
5’8” 160

  • 4.48 forty
  • Sees the field well
  • Size is a concern
  • Has stayed healthy throughout his career
  • Effective in the return game

Damond Lampkin was the best athlete on the field in pretty much all of the games I was able to find. Although his competition was not highly competitive, Lampkin made the most of it.  He’s a guy who possesses 4.4 caliber speed and has a knack of running with the football in his hands.  Glenville State allowed Lampkin to do a lot of things: run reverses, screens, deep routes, returns.  They asked him to make plays in different ways and he did exactly that.

He could make a roster spot returning kicks.  He has good ability seeing the field in the return game.  He finds the creases and has that home run speed to capitalize on it but he also knows when to slow down to gain a better angle with his blockers.

The level of competition and Lampkin’s size are two of the biggest knocks against him.  A lot of his YAC yardage is due to poor tackling by his competition and the lack of elite speed and fundamentals at Glenville State’s level of football.

Bottom line: If Lampkin gets into a camp, it will most likely be through a free agency offer.  Roster spots in the NFL have become so specific that a speedster returner is something that some teams would devote a roster spot to.

NFL Comparison: JJ Nelson. 5’11” 160.  Nelson found he role in the Cardinals offense late in the season.  Perhaps Lampkin can do the same.

Round Value: Free Agency camp invite.

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