Scouting Report: Dan Skipper

Senior Tackle
6’10” 325

  • Long
  • Strong
  • Athletic
  • Lacks technique

Physical traits

If you are a scout, the thought of a long six foot ten inch tall 325 pound tackle probably makes you drool a little. Dan Skipper possesses all the physical traits that scouts looks for, and he is rumored to have a 30 inch vertical as well.

Skipper is not an insanely athletic player however considering his size he is an above average athlete. Skipper moves well on his feet, but he isn’t going to be confused for Tyron Smith or Terron Armstead any time soon. One of Skipper’s main problems is his height, or his lack of ability to harness it. Skipper plays head and shoulders above everyone else, and that isn’t a good thing in this instance. Since Skipper plays so high refs often catch him grabbing shoulders instead of defenders chests.

Pass Protection

Despite being a pretty good athlete Skipper doesn’t have the agility to keep up with Speed rushers. I think that one of Skippers main problems in pass protection is his lack of a consistent pass set. Half of the time Skipper explodes to his spot, and gets ready to counter the defender. The other half of the time he slowly rises out of his stance, and doesn’t have the agility to recover against the speed rush.  If he can fix the inconsistency and set with the same intensity every play I think it could really benefit him.

Run Blocking

One aspect of his game where Skipper excels is run blocking. Skipper has the strength to consistently drive defenders off the ball, and is capable of burying defenders. Skipper plays mean, to the point that people have said he plays dirty. Skipper is often found blocking through the refs whistle. While Skipper sometimes doesn’t use his hands well and slides off of blocks, he balances it with some plays where he physically dominates the man across from him.

Skipper has all the tools to be an NFL tackle, more than likely on the right side. If an NFL team can get skipper in and fix some of his technique issues they will get at least an upper end backup at both tackle positions. Skipper may never be a pro bowler but he has the ceiling to be a top 15 right tackle. One role Skipper could play early in his career is a special teamer, as he is very capable of blocking field goals. Skipper has blocked multiple field goals in limited reps.

Pro Comp: DJ Fluker (Less Polished)

Round value: 5th-6th

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