Darian Thompson

Boise State
Safety #4
Senior 6’2″ 204



  • 4 Year starter at Boise State
  • Can play either FS or SS in the NFL
  • Intercepted 19 passes in 4 year career, 1 returned for a TD
  • Very aggressive against both the run and the pass, and will lay the lumber on a RB if needed.
  • Can be that 8th man in the box thumper, that can avoid traffic and make the tackle.
  • Willing to lay out for the catch and undercut receivers for the ball, makes catches you would only expect WRs to make on a regular basis.
  • Needs to refine footwork when dropping into coverage.
  • Aggressiveness gets the better of him sometimes and causes blown coverages when trying to undercut routes.
  • Hips not as loose as you would like and can struggle to change direction quickly if he gets beaten deep.
  • Needs to wrap up better instead of using brute force when tackling.
  • All Mountain West First team in 2014 & 2015

Thompson is a versatile safety at the next level and would provide a team with a thumper in the run and a ball hawk in the secondary. Could probably do with adding 10-15lbs. Holds the record for INT at Boise State with 19. Teams are going to look at Thompson and see that he is a playmaker against the run and has the ability to pick the ball from wherever on the field. The main concern with him is that he isn’t the best S in coverage or man, give him the right coach and team and he could become one of the best S in the league in a few years. Has accepted an invite to the senior bowl and will be playing on the 30th January. It will be interesting to see what capacity the coaches use him in and if he can show teams he is able to play that deep S that teams will want him to at the next level.

NFL Comparison Landon Collins

Round Value 1st/2nd Round

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