David Reeves

Tight End #80
6’5″ 255

From the USA Today

  • Solid size
  • Played in 53 career games/35 starts/9 starts last year
  • Wasn’t heavily used in the passing game
  • Lined up at slot, in the backfield, and at tight end
  • Good effort
  • Could run flatter crossing routes
  • 4.61 forty

David Reeves was not thrown to a lot but he was used consistently in Duke’s offense.  He was lined up in multiple places and was asked to block a lot.  He’s aggressive.  He will sometimes lunge to initiate contact and that will cause him to be out of position but more times than not, he does well in the blocking game.  He does a better job blocking from the tight end position than from lining up at receiver.  He does a decent job kicking out ends that are lined up on his outside shoulder.  He uses his whole body to generate movement.  Comes off the ball with some explosion, uses his hips and hands, and drives his feet.  He will stay with guys that he is blocking even if he’s beat due to being out of position but he will continue to drive his feet and fight to save the play.  His best form of blocking is when he was asked to down block.  This was mainly in goal line situations but Reeves does a good job in washing down defenders that line up on his inside and eliminating them from the play.

As far as the passing game goes, David does a good job keying in on the ball and looking it in till he has full possession of it.   He also shows good body control which is impressive considering he has a longer frame because he’s 6’5.  In the tape I watched, he ran a lot of crossing routes and simple flat routes.

I think David shows some signs of good discipline during some plays.  You also see some moments where some NFL coaching could really help him out.  I like David Reeves and his ability and he should benefit from this tight end class appearing a bit lackluster as a whole.  His measurables should draw some attention.

Round Value: Round 6/7

NFL Comparison: Tim Wright

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