Derrick Henry

Running back #2
Junior 6’3” 247


The Heisman Trophy winner has many members of the draft and scouting community debating about his value in the NFL Draft.


  • Consistently falls forward
  • Can’t teach his combination of size and speed
  • Deceptively fast
  • Not comfortable initiating contact
  • Struggles blocking edge pass rushers
  • Great field vision
  • Runs high


When you look at all of Henry’s big runs, the vast majority of them involve him doing very little besides running fast. He doesn’t make people miss. He doesn’t cut. And despite his size and what people say about his running style, he doesn’t truck and run over defenders. He does have good field vision and is consistently able to hit the correct holes in the Crimson Tide’s rushing attack.

When you look at the talent blocking for Henry, the skill difference between his linemen and the opposing defenses is significant. That difference will not be present in the NFL. Henry will have to create his own holes by making people miss in the backfield. The few times Henry had to deal with penetration in the backfield, he didn’t do well.

Off the field, Henry is a stud. Whoever drafts this kid will not have to worry about him getting in trouble. The way he has handled the fame and glory with his remarkable statistical career. He’s made the most of his opportunity. Some recruiting services saw Derrick Henry as the number 1 athlete in the nation. He goes to Alabama and becomes a star, a Heisman winner, an SEC record holder, and a National Champion.

But… Haven’t we seen this before? Alabama stud running backs seem to always be “can’t miss” guys. Trent Richardson seem to have more on the field ability than Henry. What if Richardson, Lacy, Yeldon, or Ingram got as many touches as Henry?

If Henry (395 rush attempts) didn’t get over 50 touches more than the next guy (Christian McCaffrey had 337), would he have had anywhere as many yards? Won a Heisman? Gained as high of a draft stock?

The thing that will make this more interesting is that Henry should test extremely well at his combine and pro day and it only takes one team to fall in love with him to call his name earlier than expected.


NFL Comparison: Trent Richardson

Round Value: Early 4th

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