D’haquille Williams

Wide Receiver #1
Senior 6’2” 224dhaquille-williams

No one should question D’haquille’s talent. Williams possesses a lot of size and physical ability. The biggest hit is D’haquille’s behavior while on the plains at Auburn.

  • Great frame
  • Good release off the line
  • Very effective in the redzone
  • Lined up at every wide receiver position
  • Very good in the middle of the field
  • Hard to bring down
  • Effective in his routes
  • Needs to hold the ball closer to his body at times
  • Off field issues got him kicked off of Auburn’s team

D’haquille Williams is a very talented athlete that does so many things that you want a receiver to do. His ability to generate space is special. He can find holes in between zones and also has an uncanny ability to beat defenders on the inside. He spent the majority of his snaps from the slot.

He ran a lot of posts and slants at Auburn.  Occasionally, he’d be a step behind on his slants.  He also had some issues with the ball getting away from him.  He needs to focus on keeping the ball more secure and closer to his body.

Auburn runs a run first, two back spread running attack, which requires the receivers to have a physical mindset because they are asked to block on the perimeter and at the second level. Williams had plays where he was very effective in helping the running backs get extra yardage. On other plays, it looks like he took plays off.

In the red zone, D’haquille Williams was able to make plays and turned a lot of them into touchdowns.

D’haquille is a physical freak and a very good receiver. I think he could have been a top 50 pick last draft but he chose to play his senior year. He got in a bar fight and was involved in other off field issues.

I see him as a top 50 talent but I expect the off the field questions to kill his early round value.

He said it himself here on AL.com: “I’m a first-round pick no matter what, but off the field I’m a seventh-round pick,” Williams said.. “My character is a seventh-round pick.”

NFL Comparison: Justin Blackmon

Round Value: Fourth

**Note: I don’t think he will get drafted this early, I just think that is his potential value**

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