NFL Draft Scouting Report: Dion Dawkins

Offensive Line #66
6’4″ 317, Senior

  • All-American Athletic Conference First Team
  • Experienced three-year starter
  • Strong upper body and thick frame
  • Plays with balance and rarely on the ground
  • Has a mean streak
  • Good Athlete who can climb to next level defenders
  • Has penalty issues which leads to concerns of focus
  • Not a natural knee bender
  • Plays with inconsistent pad level and hand placement in pass protection

Dion Dawkins has been at the heart of the most successful era of Temple football in school history. A three year starter at left tackle, Dawkins is a strong bodied lineman who is a solid athlete which he consistently displayed at Temple. Dawkins is coming off the Senior Bowl in which he generated a ton of buzz for scouts who gave him an opportunity to play both at tackle and guard. Scouts love his ability to drive defenders off the ball in the run game as the below clip illustrates.

Dawkins is the left tackle on this play and he shows his strength in moving the defender and creating a running lane. His hand placement allows him to lock on and generate the movement he desires removing the defender from any chance of stopping the run. When watching Dawkins, he always finishes his blocks even continuing to hold onto his block after the play.

At the Senior Bowl, Dawkins did have an opportunity to show his versatility as a potential swing lineman. While he is clearly not a left tackle prospect, there is a chance that he can play on the right side if he continues to improve his hand placement in pass protection and work on his knee bend. He does lack ideal arm length and struggled at times with speed pass rushers. In a zone blocking scheme however, Dawkins could thrive with his ability to climb to the next level as an offensive guard and would be a great fit for any team looking to add size and talent inside.

Games Watched: Penn State 2015, Memphis 2015, Memphis 2016, USF 2016

Round Value: 3rd-4th

Comparison: Kyle Long.

Both are experienced left tackle prospects coming out of college with comparable height and weight measurements. Like Long, I expect Dawkins to have an opportunity early on to show he can play at tackle but will eventually kick inside where his skill set is better suited. And while Dawkins isn’t the athlete Long is, their similar play styles make this comparison both intriguing and fitting.

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