Scouting Report: Dorian Johnson

Offensive Guard #53
Senior, 6’5” 315

  • Poor Hand Placement
  • Good Strength
  • Lacks top end athleticism
  • Lazy feet

Run Game
In the run game Johnson is capable of blowing defenders off the ball. When Johnson is in good position he maintains good drive and a good base. Johnson is capable of flipping his hips and generating power, however he is not consistent enough at it, to be a bulldozer. Johnson shows flashes of perfect run blocking form, sadly all too often his feet die and he slides off blocks. When Johnson is asked to pull or reach to linebackers he often struggles,he looks like he isn’t comfortable moving laterally. When Johnson pulls he looks plenty athletic, until he gets square, then he slows down considerably and loses a lot of his power on pull blocks. Johnson excels when he gets to explode out of his stance, into a defender and drive them off the ball.

Dorian Johnson (Pitt OG) vs Georgia Tech 2015

Pass Protection
In pass protection Johnson isn’t a liability, but he doesn’t excel. Johnson lacks the lateral agility which limits him in pass protection. When the tackle is forced out wide Johnson is left in space, where he gets beat easily by lateral moves. Once he has his hands on defenders he is a solid pass blocker. However, I worry about his ability to handle late blitzes and stunts. When Johnson is 1-on-1 with linebackers on an island he will likely struggle but could be helped with a running back on obvious blitzes.

Bottom Line
Overall Johnson is a good athlete, but he lacks lateral movement skills. Johnson could be a very effective interior lineman in a power run offense, one that doesn’t require its guards to be superstar pass blockers. Johnson will likely never be a guard that is asked to cut off linebackers from the backside, but he also won’t be a liability.
Dorian Johnson (Pitt OG) vs Georgia Tech 2015
Player Comparison: Travis Frederick

Round: 3-4

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