Emmanuel Ogbah

Oklahoma St
DE #38
6’4″ 275

Ogbah is a high potential prospect with an excellent motor

• Gets hands in the passing lanes if he can’t make it to the QB
• Very good motor and hustle
• Long, strong arms
• Active hands
• Can play tough vs the run

• Doesn’t haven’t an overly impressive first step
• Didn’t show the speed to turn the corner
• Plays high
• Doesn’t attempt to engage, only hand fights – struggles to disengage when he does
• Doesn’t get good extension
• Change of direction
• Only saw a few double teams but he got blasted 5 yards off the ball

• Hustle production

Ogbah was born in Largos, Nigeria before moving to Houston, Texas when he was nine. He earned the award for co-defensive player of the year with Andrew Billings, while compiling 65 tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss, and 12.5 sacks. Ogbah arrived in Stillwater as a 233 pound defensive end and has since blown up to 275. I think has very nice frame that looks like he could add some weight especially in the lower half.

He best attribute right now in my opinion is his hustle. He’s always going and is always trying to get to the ball, regardless of where the play ends up. He’s also has something that many hold in high regard, and that’s long, strong arms. He’s also got very active hands. In combination the two attributes result in using them to club and rip through blocks. I also like that he is always trying to get his hands up into passing lanes if he isn’t going to get to the QB, and seemed to be successful at it. Ogbah has also showed the ability to play tough in the power run game.

His first step isn’t overly impressive but he isn’t stuck in mud. To go along with the burst, he doesn’t really have the get off combined with speed to turn the edge. Ogbah tends to play very high. I can’t determine if the awkward movement is attributed to playing high or him just being a stiff athlete. He will stand almost completely up when coming out of his stance and never really recovers during the play. One of the results of playing high is going to be poor change of direction. If you don’t lower you base to get in and out of your movements then they become rounded or take longer. Something I found odd for a defensive lineman is that he typically attempts to avoid engaging the blocker, instead trying hand fighting with dips and rips. Naturally is you aren’t engaged you won’t be able to get extension, and doesn’t appear to be very well versed when he is forced to engage. Due to the type of offenses in the Big 12, I wasn’t able to get a great sample size for double teams. But in the few I did come across, there was once that he didn’t get blown 5 yards off the ball when doubled.

He wins mostly with hustle. He’s got the potential to be a very good edge rusher if he can learn to use his hands to engage and disengage. He will struggle attempting to avoid blockers. In my opinion, I think the floor for him would be adding some weight and playing the 5 tech for a 3-4 base team, which adds to his value. His stiff movements and athleticism may limit him as a pass rusher, but his motor, length/frame, and toughness in the power run game could equate to an ideal 3-4 DE prospect.

Round value:

2nd – 3rd
Games watched: Kansas St 2015, Central Michigan 2015, Ole Miss 2015, Oklahoma 2015, Baylor 2015, Florida St 2014

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