Scouting Report: Evan Engram

Ole Miss
Tight End#17
Senior, 6’3” 227

Evan Engram is a very polished route runner who played a very high level no matter who he lined up against. Engram has the ability to make a difference in an NFL offense as soon as he is selected by an NFL team.

  • Polished route runner
  • Can be slow off the ball when engaging in a block
  • Inconsistent drops
  • Great at finding soft spot of the zone
  • Great on the seam route
  • Lines up all over the field
  • Looks uncomfortable with his hand on the ground
  • Extremely talented with the ball in his hands

Engram was a stud for the Rebels. He was exceptional in running routes and generating space between him and the defenders. He also has a very good feel against the zone and shows it by spacing himself appropriately between defenders.  He’s very effective in short routes to the outside and was a very respectable deep threat against SEC defenses.

Engram shows toughness when the ball is in his hands. He also shows a willingness to block but sometimes struggles when locking up on defenders. He’s better at blocking around the line of scrimmage and can struggle when asked to block someone at the linebacker level.

Engram struggled with drops. Some of them were simple catches and others were more difficult but were balls he should be able to bring in as a player of his caliber.

Round Value: 2

Engram’s a very talented offensive weapon in what looks to be a very strong tight end class.

NFL Comparison: Aaron Hernandez/Devin Funchess

Engram lined up all over the field and is more of a receiver than a tight end. He looks uncomfortable with his hand on the ground from the tight end position. He’ll be used more outside in the NFL.

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