Graham Rowley

Defensive line #92
Senior 6’4″ 280h_rowley_tackle_map25866.jpg

The Hawaii native was recruited to BYU as a top guard in the country.  Graham Rowley played in games all four seasons of his college career.

  • Doesn’t give up on plays. High motor
  • Good at using hands and body at the point of attack
  • Showed strength and ability to bull rush
  • Good tackler
  • Played all spots on BYU’s line
  • Will come off ball high
  • Doesn’t mind contact
  • Good at shedding blocks in run game

Graham Rowley was a versatile defender for BYU and has garnered very little draft buzz.  He isn’t a big play waiting to happen kind of guy but he has very good technique and could be a serviceable NFL player.  He does a good job using his hands, feet, and body to stall defenders or to get past them.  He appears to play with high football IQ and has a good idea of what offenses are trying to do.

Rowley shows his strength was stopping the run.  He needs to improve his pass rush.  The other question mark against ROwley is his size.  At 280 pounds, he will get driven off the ball when playing inside.  He played all over the defensive line at BYU but he looked most comfortable in the interior.

When playing inside, he did a good job with his pad level by playing low (Sometimes he’d fire off high).  His footwork was good as he barely lost his balance.  He was disciplined in his consistent hand use.  He also seemed to be near the ball on most plays.

When watching film on prospects, I try to see if they love football. I believe Graham Rowley loves football.  Regading his technique, and his motor and drive, I think Graham ROwley makes an NFL team a solid  team player.

NFL Comparison: Rob Ninkovich

Round Value: 5/6

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