The Hard Count with Horn: Tight Ends and Safeties

Top Tens

Tight End Safety
  1) Malik Hooker   1) OJ Howard
  2) Jamal Adams   2) David Njoku
  3) Budda Baker   3) Evan Engram
  4) Desmond King   4) Jake Butt
  5) Obi Melifonwu   5) Adam Shaheen
  6) Jabrill Peppers   6) Gerald Everett
  7) Marcus Williams   7) Bucky Hodges
  8) Justin Evans   8) Jeremy Sprinkle
  9) Josh Jones   9) Jordan Leggett
10) Eddie Jackson 10) George Kittle


Tight End

  1. OJ Howard– Howard is an outrageous athlete for his size, and his shoulders look like bowling balls under his pads. He played at Alabama and was a good blocker there like a tight end has to be for Nick Saban to play them. Howard is a stud, but he also didn’t whine when he was under-utilized.
  2. David Njoku– Njoku is another freak athlete for the position, but I cannot see him ever lining up as a blocker and being more than average. Njoku is a guy with a great first step and good not great hands; he has a few bad drops.
  3. Evan Engram– Engram is the size of a tight end and possesses that type of skill set. Engram will never be lined up on the line of scrimmage and asked to block, he won’t be able to do it. Engram will be limited to the flex, or outside as a matchup problem.
  4. Jake Butt– Much more of a tight end type athlete, plays in the middle of the defense and he’s tough as nails. Good blocker coming from a pro style Jim Harbaugh offense. ACL injury at end of season really hurt draft stock.
  5. Adam Shaheen– Shaheen is a mountain of a man, and pretty fast for his size running a 4.79 40-yard dash. Not as good a blocker as you would expect of a 270-pound man, but given good coaching, I think he can develop. Could be a matchup nightmare, no corner is going to be able to hang with a 270-pound man, and most linebackers won’t be able to run with him.


  1. Malik Hooker– Hooker is a very rangy type free safety that can play single high, and he can see plays develop. While he isn’t normally a hitter, he can pop on occasion. Hooker is a very willing tackler, but he overruns things sometimes.
  2. Jamal Adams– Adams does a good job of reading the quarterbacks eyes in coverage, and he trusts his eyes. Adams is a legitimate hitter, he loves to come down and hit offensive players. That being said he always goes for the big hit, which can cause him to miss on occasion.
  3. Budda Baker– Baker is a very small safety at around 190 pounds. Baker is a good tackler, in technique; he wraps up and rarely whiffs. He isn’t going to knock anyone out, but he won’t miss either. Baker is an athletic guy who can play in the slot and do a good job, but he also has the speed to play over the top.
  4. Desmond King– Desmond King played corner in college but the transition to Safety will more than likely be necessary. King is an excellent zone coverage guy, and he plays the ball in the air like a top notch corner which is very valuable in a safety. Hips aren’t the most fluid while turning around, but as a safety, he doesn’t have to really turn straight around that often.
  5. Obi Melifonwu– Melifonwu exploded after his combine, where he performed like a stud. He is another safety who likes to wrap up and drag down rather than really hit, but he can pop when the ball is going down the sideline. Melifonwu trusts his eyes and shoots out of a cannon when he sees the play. Comes out of control on occasion causing him to miss plays.

Into The Limelight: Trey Hendrickson

Hendrickson is a defensive end from Florida Atlantic University. At the combine he performed very well for himself, matching measurements of one of the best pass rushers in the league. Hendrickson performed in the vicinity of Von Miller in many of the combine drills. Trey Hendrickson has 32” arms and measured in at 6’4” and 265 pounds. Hendrickson proved that he has explosion with a 33.5 inch vertical and a 122 inch vertical.

On film, I thought that Hendrickson played with good hand usage knocking away offensive lineman’s hands away from his body. Hendrickson doesn’t really have an arsenal of pass rush moves, however, occasionally he will try to incorporate a move into his game. That being said more often than not, he normally wins with speed around the edge.

When it comes to the run game Hendrickson has some problems. Against outside or zone runs Hendrickson looks capable of riding blocks and preventing the push up the field. On power runs Hendrickson gets man-handled far too often for my liking. Against Florida, a tight end stood Hendrickson up and pushed him into the end zone. For a 266 pound defensive end that should never happen.


Bargain Bin Possibility: Daeshon Hall

Hall spent his entire career in the shadow of Myles Garrett, but he is a very capable prospect in his own right. Daeshon Hall has the long arms that teams love, with 35 5/8 arms which are an insane. 6’5” and 265 pounds with arms that are that long might be the mold for teams looking for a 4-3 end or a 3-4 outside linebacker. Both of which he played while at Texas A&M, which teams will like.

Hall has the frame to add weight and play 3-4 defensive end which might benefit him since he isn’t the highest level of athlete. He is more explosive than he is fast, and putting on a little more weight might help him with the run, which can occasionally give him a bit of a problem. Hall will also have to prove to teams that he didn’t just excel because all the attention was on Myles Garrett.

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