Hard Count with Horn: Receivers & Corners

Top Tens

Wide Receiver Cornerback
  1) Corey Davis   1) Quincy Wilson
  2) Mike Williams   2) Marshon Lattimore
  3) John Ross   3) Gareon Conley
  4) Cooper Kupp   4) Sidney Jones
  5) Zay Jones   5) Teez Tabor
  6) Carlos Henderson   6) Marlon Humphrey
  7) Chris Goodwin   7) Tre’Davious White
  8) Amara Darboh   8) Adoree’ Jackson
  9) Chad Hansen   9) Cordrea Tankersly
10) Juju Smith-Schuster 10) Jourdan Lewis


Wide Receiver

  1. Corey Davis– Davis is the guy this year that just burst on the scene, and took draft media by storm. When you turn on the film it is easy to see why! Davis is a natural hands catcher and is very natural mover with the ball in his hands. When Davis catches the ball the transition from catch to run looks effortless, while he might not be the fastest guy he is an incredibly smooth athlete.
  2. Mike Williams– Williams isn’t quite the athlete of other top receivers, but by no means am I saying he is un-athletic. Williams is more of a jump ball and big catch radius kind of player, and he never had to rely on great routes in college. Williams will have to prove that he can create separation on routes consistently at the next level.
  3. John Ross– Ross is incredibly fast, and also extremely agile. Ross can eat up space against defensive backs in an instant. Ross also does a good job of manipulating defensive backs with subtle routes. In the NFL his routes will have to get better because running a 4.22 won’t get him open every time.
  4. Cooper Kupp– Kupp has great hands and runs very solid routes. Kupp might also be one of the toughest players in this year’s draft. Kupp looks the part of an NFL player, with the size to play all over the field; however, his speed and acceleration are the main questions to his game. Kupp appears to be more of a strider when going down field, instead of a guy who gets to top speed quickly.
  5. Zay Jones– Jones is another receiver who runs great routes, and catches just about everything you throw at him. The fact that Jones ran a 4.45 at the combine really surprised me, I expected closer to 4.6. That time should really help his draft ranking for teams.


  1. Quincy Wilson-Wilson is my top cornerback, but I do not hate when people have him second, I just really appreciate the way that Wilson moves and how smooth his hips are. Wilson doesn’t lose a step of speed in transitions, which is invaluable for a corner.
  2. Marshon Lattimore– Lattimore is a very good corner, and he was amazing for Ohio State last year. However I am slightly less sold on Lattimore, but even I can’t tell you why. I think the Lattimore/Wilson debate is almost too close to call.
  3. Gareon Conley-Yes, Ohio State does have two corners in my top three, cornerback in my rankings. Conley is a fluid athlete with good burst, and he plays the ball well when it is in the air. Conley also adds an added dimension because he was asked to blitz quite a bit at Ohio State.
  4. Sidney Jones– Sidney Jones is one of the best corners in the draft this year, and that is without the ability to really press at the line of scrimmage. Jones makes good breaks on the ball and finds the ball well in the air. Jones’ biggest knock for me is his lack of tackling ability, I believe the term is “ankle biter”
  5. Teez Tabor– Tabor sees concepts well and is a good athlete. Tabor is always in good position in coverage; however, he doesn’t really play the ball that well in the air. He may not find the ball, but he does play the hands well, he may not get the pick but he breaks passes up. However, a 4.62 forty time may really hurt him in some teams eyes.

Into The Limelight: Obi Melifonwu

Obi Melifonwu is a safety from UConn, and right up until the combine he wasn’t that well known. Melifonwu proceeded to kill the combine, much like former Husky Byron Jones. Melifonwu measured in at 6’4” and 225 pounds and ran a 4.4 forty yard dash. Obi Melifonwu also jumped out of the building with a 44 inch vertical and an 11 foot 9-inch broad jump.

At 6-foot-4 and nearly 230 pounds everyone’s first thought will probably be Kam Chancellor, but that just isn’t his game. Melifonwu isn’t a bad tackler, however, he prefers to wrap up and drag the opposing player down, as opposed to really hitting hard. While Melifonwu may not be the biggest hitter he does a good job of seeing and reacting to plays. Occasionally Melifonwu can come up to make the tackle out of control, causing him to whiff on the tackle. He also prefers to push people out of bounds as opposed to wrapping up, which causes him to miss some tackles.

When asked to play center field Melifonwu displays good range and actually showed the ability to hit with enough power to break up passes. Melifonwu moves well enough to come down to the line of scrimmage and play slot corner if needed. Melifonwu plays the ball well in the air, racking up four interceptions this past season, and his 44-inch vertical could really be used well in helping deal with tight ends.

Bargain Bin Possibility: Brad Kaaya

During his career at Miami, Brad Kaaya posted some ridiculous stats, actually becoming the leader in passing yards in a career at Miami. This past season Kaaya posted 421 attempts and 261 completions while averaging 8.4 yards an attempt. All totaled Kaaya tallied 3,532 yards passing last season, 27 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. At 6-foot-4 215 pounds, Kaaya has the frame to play in the NFL but could stand to add a little bit of bulk.

Coming from a pro-style scheme should help Kaaya as he knows what to do, and even took snaps from under center. One weakness of Kaaya’s game is his footwork, which can be sloppy at times especially when under pressure. The main problem with Kaaya is that he doesn’t know how to maneuver in the pocket to escape pressure, therefor he has to fall out of throws that he needs to step into. If Kaaya can go to a team that has a good offensive line coach and can clean up his mechanics I believe Kaaya has a solid chance to turn into a really good backup or a serviceable starter.

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