Henry Krieger Coble

Tight End #80
Senior 6’3 248

  • 4 year player at Iowa, only 1 year starter.Henry Krieger Coble
  • Decent enough blocker.
  • Has the ability to stay inline or flex TE.
  • Good but not brilliant hands.
  • Good lower half strength.
  • Good route runner and has the skill set to beat LBs in man coverage.
  • Shows the required tenacity in the run game to punish defenders.
  • Project TE, needs a few years to learn the nuances of the position.

Coble has been making a name for himself as one of the more complete TE prospects coming out of college this year. If you play for Iowa then you need to be able to block, Coble does a nice job of blocking in the run game and had to pretty much block for the first 2 years before he saw constant targets. He still needs to refine his blocking but he has the required build and attitude to become a valuable blocker. In his senior year he caught 35 passes for 405yds and 1 TD, this doesn’t really blow you away, he is a decent route runner and will often beat LBs in man coverage. Coble doesn’t have amazing hands and wont make many wow plays but he is consistent and you know what your getting from him. Coble could become a very valuable TE but i think he needs a few years to reach his full potential, if he does reach this he could be a top 5 TE in the league, on the other hand if he doesn’t live up to expectations then he will just be another 2nd string TE that only sees 15-20 targets a year and is asked to block more than catch.


NFL Comparison

Brent Celek

Round Value

4/5th Round

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