Jack Conklin

Michigan St

Offensive Tackle #74

6’6″ 308

Conklin could wind up being a 1st round pick four years after not receiving a single Division 1 scholarship offer

– Long arms
– Strong punch
– Hands usage – independently
– Finisher, tough, scrappy
– Good at passing off twists
– Blitz pickup
– Solid movement in run game – good pad level
– Excellent on the second level
– Collapses double teams

– Heel clicker – doesn’t get depth with kick
– Struggled to anchor when moving laterally – Gets high on flat steps
– Some inside vulnerability at times from over setting

– No D1 scholarships out of high school, walked on to Michigan St
– Sent Dantonio film of himself water skiing instead of football tape

At this point it’s hard to believe that Conklin wasn’t offered any scholarships from a division 1 team. In fact, it was only after Conklin sent coach Dantonio film of himself water skiing that he was offered an opportunity to walk on the Michigan State’s football team. After redshirting his first season in East Lansing, Conklin went on to start 38 of the following 39 games, 35 at left tackle and 3 at right tackle. In those 39 games, he allowed a total of 5 sacks.

Conklin plays with the attitude of a mauler and has the finishing ability that you look for in offensive line prospects. He always plays to the whistle and although Conklin might not be a body builder, he consistently gets the job done while embarrassing plenty of people along the way. I love his punch and hand usage. The ability to use his hands independently in pass pro shows he’s advanced with both his technique and ability to learn concepts. I worry about his footwork on his kick slide. He has a tendency to bring his post foot back to his kick foot rather than getting depth with his kick and dragging the post foot back. This very well could be a schematic thing taught by the coaches and seemed like it could be the case after watching the right tackle. Either that or they both just have the same bad habits.

Right now he would be best suited for a power-gap blocking scheme. Many believe that he is a right tackle in the NFL but I don’t see those same concerns. I think he can play either tackle position or guard right away.

Round Grade:


NFL Comparison:

David Bakhtiari

Games watched: Oregon 2015, Ohio St 2015, Michigan 2015, Iowa 2015

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