NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jamal Adams

Safety #33
Junior 6’1″ 213

LSU has been a factory for defensive backs and the next product is Jamal Adams. Adams was truly a pleasure to watch and constantly went back to watch a play to locate just where he came from and how the heck he made that particular play.  Adams was truly one of my favorite players to watch as he consistently jumps out on film.

  • Great Instincts. Reads and reacts without hesitation.
  • Versatile Safety who can play in the box and off in coverage.
  • Very aggressive and plays down hill. Attacks the line of scrimmage.
  • Has all the measurable. Size, speed quickness.
  • 2016 First Team All Sec (AP)
  • 2 year starter who played in every game as a Tiger.
  • Can be too aggressive at times and caught losing contain.

As I mentioned above, Adams was a treat to watch and there isn’t much to not like about his game. He does his best work closer to the line of scrimmage, though he is versatile enough to play in space. When playing close to the line, he quickly “reads and reacts” without hesitation and flies to the ball. The below play shows Adams quickly diagnosing the play, reacting and delivering a hit to jar the ball away from the wide receiver.

Adams is physical safety who can deliver the big hit and force a turnover. His ability to be a complete safety, is also evident in his ability to help in run support. Below is another instance against Alabama where he diagnosis the play, and makes a spectacular play in the open field.

There is so much to like with Adams, but his aggression can hurt him at times. He is an extremely smart football player, but he can tend to lose contain occasionally, over playing on some runs or screens. The below plays shows how teams have used this aggression against him at times.

Adams is still one of the best safety prospects to come out in a long time. And with the success of LSU defensive backs, combines with his play on the field, Adams will be very intriguing for NFL franchises come April and a safe selection for GM’s.

Games Watched: 2015-Alabama, 2015-Texas A&M, 2016-Mississippi State, 2016-Alabama

Round Value: 1st Round. Top 20 pick.

NFL Comparison: Eric Berry

Like Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs, Adams is a complete safety. He does his best work in the box playing down hill and attack the line of scrimmage. Both are top notch in run support but can also drop in pass coverage. With similar measurables to Berry, Adams can also drop in pass coverage just as effectively.

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