NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jarrad Davis

Linebacker #40
Senior 6’2” 238

  • Takes good angles
  • Accelerates quickly
  • Plays fast for an inside linebacker
  • Good at generating pressure
  • Misses some easy tackles
  • Not natural in zone coverage
  • Bites on a lot of play action

Jarrad Davis hails from Kingsland, Georgia.  As a freshman, Davis played in all of Florida’s games.  He did not become a full-time starter until the 2015 season.  He improved tremendously between the 2015 and the 2016 season.  He got better at shedding blocks and breaking down when going in for a tackle.

Davis’ speed may not show in a 40-yard dash but shows up when watching his tape.  His ability to blitz and rush the passer will be appealing to NFL teams.  He does things that don’t show up in the stat sheet such as forcing a back to run more inside so other defenders can make the tackle or he pressures quarterbacks to make a poor throw.

Davis’ quick step often helped him limit a runner early in the play but it also resulted in him being out of position.  He took himself out of the play more than linemen blocking him took him out of the play. It seemed like every time he faced a bootleg, he bit on the play to the extent where there was no chance he was going to make the tackle on the other side of the field.  His eagerness to make a play is attractive and fun to watch but often it backfired.  Luckily for Davis, Florida’s talent loaded defense was able to limit most of the offenses it faced.

All of the flaws in Davis’ game are coachable.  He’s a top three or four middle linebacker in this class and will be drafted by a team relatively early in the NFL Draft this spring.  His size is ideal and paired with his speed and ability to move across the field laterally could result in him being a successful defender at the next level.

Davis’ game tape against Vanderbilt during his senior season is a great game to watch him in as it encompasses his whole game.

He gained an ability to feel out runs a lot better in his senior year.  Here’s a solid play from the Vanderbilt game.

Round Value: 2nd

NFL Comp: Sean Lee

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